Friday, August 19, 2011

Steampunk Themed Mini-zine

So, I am hosting a swap for a mini-zine with a steampunk theme on Swap-bot. I really like making zines and I can take my time and add to them slowly over the course of a week or even two, so no rush, I like that very much.

This one was really fun for me because I love steampunk. This zine has more of a picture book feel to it more visual than chocked full of information and it's a little colorful and with a more whimsical approach to steampunk than serious or true to form, but I like it!

I make all my zines by hand so I have an original, tangible template for each one I have made so far. I do not have any digital programs to aid me in making zines. But making them by hand is fun too. I use inks, and stamps, tissue tapes, just whatever I have in my stash to help make my idea come to life.

So enjoy a little sneak-peek and have fun crafting this week and happy swapping to all!