Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Branching Out...

Here are two of my newest ATC's. I am really trying new things, making may own backgrounds, using inks and masks and many other new tools and techniques.

I am trying to find my own style and see what works for me and what does not. I want to thank bluemama from Flickr for sending me the little art squares along with her last ATC to me! They worked perfectly for these two ATC's I made. Thank you!

Until next time everyone, happy swapping!


  1. You're very welcome! i can see you, "your own style" in all the art you make. And isn't making your own backgrounds a blast? Ofcourse, now i have stacks of patterned paper just sitting there, begging to be used.

  2. Yes it is fun to make my own backgrounds! I am trying to incorporate both papers and inks now! Thanks for your comment it really made my day!

  3. These are beautiful! Wish I had you on my partner list. I have been getting really poor quality ones lately.
    Thanks for stopping by the blog- the two on the left are digitally created and then printed ( we call that hybrid) and the two on the right are conventionally made. I would be happy to send you a coupon to my kit-just email me. :)

  4. I've only just discovered your work, and I'm sitting here drooling, okay not really, but OMG you have magnificent art. I LOVE it!

    I will be stalking, I mean coming back to see more and more!