Tuesday, July 13, 2010

French Themed Mondays!


Yesterday I had a wonderful day, I went shopping at one of our antique malls and found three postcards I now treasure! I love them. They show two Paris landmarks as they were I am guessing around the turn of the last century or just before, as to when these postcards were printed I have no idea but it really doesn't matter too much as they just make me smile!

Then I I received two swaps in the mail, one was my Marie Antoinette ATC from my partner travelgirl, shown here. It's really over the top and so very Marie, ready for a night of revelry!

The other ATC shown is an extra sent with different ATC swap. My partner for this swap loriglen read over my profile and thought I would like it and I do very much! I had to post it here. I love the little breads for sale and it is so detailed even down to the cracks in the buildings! Thank you!!!

So, now I am inspired Mondays are no longer drab and boring! They will be French day for me! I will craft something with a French theme, cook a French inspired meal or learn a new word in French (or if budget allows buy something with a French theme), just a little something to look forward to on Mondays from now on starting next week!

So if any of you wish to join me let me know and maybe we can get a little group together of people who do something "French" every Monday, wouldn't that be fun! Leave comment and let me know if you do and I will follow you. Let's see what we can learn!

Au revoir!


  1. What great postcards to find! They are amazing! =D
    I love the Marie Antoinette ATC too. =)

  2. Oh thank you for taking a look! Yes, they are wonderful, it made my day to find them!
    My first comment I am so happy, you are always such a good friend I am glad we met and have the chance to do swaps together!