Friday, July 16, 2010

Sookie Stackhouse ATC's...

So, I am a little sad as my ATC's that I mailed out on the 6th of this month have not arrived to my partners yet. It looks like I have my first incident of something getting lost in the mail. Of course, one of my partners has not been online for the last 5 days so I can't say about that one, but my other partner has not received hers yet and it was my fave, being the first one you see here in the post..."cherish."

These are the first in a series of character ATC's for the TV show True Blood on HBO. As a fan of the show this series is really exciting for me I just hope no others go astray. I am also in a private swap with another gal for these same ATC's but I am making them slightly different and will post a pic of the entire set when complete on here. It will be an entire character set for her of at least 10 ATC's plus a bonus one and I am working on those right now.

Oh well, I am off to start re-creating the lost ones as best I can. Happy swapping and may your swap always mail true!

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  1. Yea! It looks like the top ATC finally got to it's destination, no lost mail afterall! :-)