Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Ghostly ATC...

This ATC was a sudden jolt of inspiration. I was cleaning my rubber stamps with my stamp conditioner and blotting them dry with a Viva paper towel. Well, it looked so pretty I thought, "I wish that were an ATC background," then I thought to myself, I will use it just for that, paper towel or no! So, I dried it out with my Ranger heating tool and glued it to an ATC back. I didn't want to use marker around the edges like I normally do so I took my Encore ink pad in metallic purple and pressed the edges of the card lightly on the ink pad. I then found the images and words I wanted and made them up staining the paper with my trusty Walnut Inks, as I also did with the torn book pages.

I just love the result! The French actually says "ghost script," because of the handwriting on the background that is fading. You have to be a bit careful in handling the ATC while working with it as any glue on your fingers will stick to the background. So cleanliness counts when working with this method.

Thanks guys! This was fun and I hope it gave you some ideas of your own! Happy crafting!


  1. You're experimenting, yay! i confess that often the paper towels i use to clean up my mess i just can't stand to throw away. They're so pretty! i use wax paper as a work surface a lot and keep those, too. i add them to collages and am thinking of using them as pages for handmade books. You wouldn't be able to write on them, so it would just be for looks.
    This is a lovely ATC and reminds me of two i made called "Ghosts". The image transfers didn't take very well, so all that was left were these faint images of people. i loved the effect and just went with it!

  2. It's funny where you find inspiration, I look at everything differently now!