Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pieces Of My Life...

I made these two ATC's last night. I just got inspired to sit down and use the pieces of scrap paper that have been piling up in an endless sea on my craft table. My first real collages. They're so much fun, you start out with nothing in mind except maybe a color palette, then start gluing and see where your mind takes you. Each little piece of paper, scrap or mistake is now considered art. So, choosing from my stash, I glued away and these are the result. I then used Distress Crackle Paint in Rock Candy, a clear coat, to give it a cracked finish. I also used my Distress inks around the edges for a bit of added color. I used illustration board for the backing.

The first one is my favorite so far and also my first. It is titled "Pieces of my Life." The second one I made for a swap and it is titled "Words by Rumi." This one was inspired by the note card my partner sent along with a Poetry ATC swap. I liked how the ink looked on the brown paper and kept it, now the note card becomes something even more.

What a creative and inexpensive way to invent and recycle at the same time. So sit down get out your glue stick and scraps and play! Have fun, you never know where your mind's eye will take you. Happy crafting!


  1. Love these, and the first is my favorite, too. You should see all the paper scraps i save for collage. It's to the point where i have to actually have an orginizational system for scraps!

  2. I am starting to get that way too! Word scraps go here, patterned papers over here...Thanks though, I really appreciate your feedback!

  3. I love that first one! What did you use on the top for the texture look??

  4. I used Tim Holtz's Distress Crackle Paint in Rock Candy. It's a clear coat and different from the other Distress paints in that regard. I love it!