Thursday, September 16, 2010

Whowillloveme Harry Potter?

Can you believe I've never made a Harry Potter ATC before this tag? I am a fan it's true, and I have made Twilight ATC's, Buffy ATC's, even Serenity ATC's but NO Harry Potter! Shame on me, I hope this makes up for it and that this tag will be the start of a new Harry Potter crafting experience for me.

So, this is a tag on Swap-bot for 2 ATC's, a bookmark and a postcard. Well, as you can see I made 2 extra ATC's as I got inspired and was crafting like a mad-woman. I hope the recipient, whowillloveme is as excited to receive it as I am in sending.

I chose my fave character, Sirius Black and my most despised villain, Bellatrix Lestrange as choices for 2 of the ATC's and the bookmark. The other set of ATC's I chose my fave teachers, the ones who make me smile every time I see them! For the postcard I choose Fawkes, because, well...Fawkes is awesome and has saved the day more than once. I think most people forget the brave animal friends in the series, so here I am giving credit where it is due.

Overall, I am fairly proud of this little tag and I hope it brings a smile, that is after all why I swap. :-)

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