Friday, September 24, 2010

Vintage Variety

These are some ATC's I have made for Flickr and one I had a request to re-create, which is the first one shown. I love trading my ATC's on Flickr now, I had never traded that way before and it is quickly becoming addictive as well!

The first two ATC's are titled "Dream Vacation One" and "Dream Vacation Two," respectively. I love Paris, doesn't matter what, I love the museums, the language, the culture and food! So these were inspired by the lovely Eiffel tower image by Norma Frances, check out her photostream on Flickr she does amazing work and has a "free to use" digital collage set. They are stunning!

The third ATC I made from another Norma Frances background but layered heavily with all sorts of lush embellishments and lace. I loved the image and knew I had to do something gorgeous with it.

The fourth one titled "The Wonder Years" is simple, elegant and fun! This marks my first time using twine on an ATC, I loved the feel and texture it gave to the card.

The last one was sent as a thank you to a new friend on Flickr. I wanted a classic vintage ATC and had never used an image quite as dour as this one, no one ever looks happy in these pics, do they! But it was fun to make anyway! Well, I hope you like my latest ATC's! Feel free to peruse and hopefully take a little inspiration from them! Until next we meet, happy crafting!


  1. Beautiful Work,I love my new card and hope to add more of your wonderful cards to my collection.

  2. I am putting up a couple of more ATC's later today on here, if you want, stop by and check them out. Thank you again for your compliments!