Friday, September 24, 2010

Poetry ATC Revisited...

I had a request to make this ATC again from a Flickr contact. I found a yummy Marie-Antoinette skinny by her, and she would trade the skinny for another skinny in return. So, I thought I could make the ATC she wanted from me into a skinny and make everyone happy, and that is exactly what happened! If you did not see my Moon Poetry ATC before in the previous post I will add it here for comparison. I wrote the brief verse on the card myself.

I tried to keep the composition as close as I could to the original without adding unwanted elements just to make it look balanced and then I found the lace and it all came together so nicely! I thought the ATC translated over well into a skinny and have now found another passion in skinny's as well! Happy swapping!


  1. Love these! i've actually never made a skinny. Someone who has never heard of things would think..."What?". i mean, there's skinnies, inchies, twinchies... So funny.

  2. I know this is my second skinny, but it's kind of nice to work with a slightly larger area. Thanks!