Sunday, August 15, 2010

Buffy Artist Box: Oz

So, this is my second altered box I have made, excluding very small trinket boxes, of course, but this is one for a swap I hosted for my swap-bot group, Welcome to Sunnydale! My partner wanted either an Anya or Oz box and I chose Oz. I have always associated the color green with Oz, don't know why, maybe he wore it a lot in the show, or I just think of something earthy and comforting about his character and green comes to mind. The paper is called Tibetan Cloud and since he wandered around the world and I believe had a brief stay there it was perfect to use!

I wanted a mix of a character box and an actual box Oz may have kept in his van to keep personal items for or from Willow safe. And since his fellow band mates were not the most brightest nor most considerate I can see him putting his pic on there saying a "this is mine, guys, hands off," sort of thing.

I put some quotes from Poe and Tolkien on the sides as he was an intelligent guy and I like to think he read a lot and thought much. The inside lid I decorated with the "Dingoes Ate My Baby" group posters and "The Bronze" playing nightly.

I also sent items seen as part of the swap for extras. Things Oz had from Willow like the picture, the coaster he kept from The Bronze with her number on the back, a hand rolled incense kit for burning in the van during those times when he was living it to freshen the place up (it's from The Magic Box of course), and a birthday present for Willow, a necklace, all wrapped up and ready to give!

This was a fun swap to put together and I am glad my partner liked it! Thank you for reading and happy swapping!

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