Sunday, August 22, 2010

Twilight Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Bailey! A friend of mine on Swap-bot has a great daughter, and her birthday is this week, so I am sending her these ATC's to wish her a very happy birthday!

She is a "Twilight" fan, obviously and leans more toward Jacob. The first one though is of Edward (these ATC's have more of a "New Moon" feel to them, so I hope she will like them seeing that is Jacob's big breakout movie) and every detail of the ATC relates to him in some way. The background shows fine printed sheet music to reflect Edward's love for classical music, even the brush strokes at the bottom fall in line with his love of the arts. The calendar film strip is didactic in that it shows both the months that Edward first left Bella and how she felt numb watching life go on before her like in some kind of movie during those long months while she is detached. The leaves are for autumn when he left and the woods he left Bella in. Edward himself is sparkly and the words drive home the break-up.

The second ATC is of Jacob, the movie theater background, the movie ticket stub both represent their first real outing to see a movie, the last night Jacob was his old self. The license plate could be for any number of cars or motorcycles that Jacob has fixed up for Bella. The jewel at the top is represents Bella as she is Jacob's treasure. "Fierce Devotion" is what Jacob has for Bella and sums up his loyalty to her.

The last one is for all the Team Jacob fans, which Bailey is, and shows Jacob and Bella together, but as we all know, "Nothing gold can stay." But they do have a moment or two just for them under the stars as it were, and for the fans, those moments are gold.

Thanks for checking these out, hope you like them and happy swapping until next time!

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